RESSÒ are the solar Decathlon's third generation done at Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV-UPC). The previous projects, without them we won't exist are:

- PAuS, since 2006 in ETSAV
- LOW3 SDE 2010 at Madird
- (e)CO SDE 2012 at Madrid

RESSÒ are 50 students, although there have been over 70, with 10 professors helping.

Being aware of the actual situation that is going trough the construction sector, we defend an architecture that responds the ideas of ambient, social and economical sustainability. We want to achieve an architecture that consumes low energy by using low impact materials, closing cycles and giving importance to passive systems. This is the philosophy of the proposal that is working on the team RESSÒ in order to bring it to the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition.

The team is considering the rehabilitation as an idea to develop. This idea comes from the actual situation of abandoned houses and the big amount of unused buildings because of its inefficiency. At the same time we are working on an urban model, the interactions between buildings and a possible and sustainable growing.

The principles of these projects are beyond the topic of sustainable architecture: Light and dry construction | Materials and low environmental impact study of the ecological footprint | Removable and reusable systems | Find standaritzats existing systems and to adapt them to the architecture | Projects born from the need and closely linked to the user and use | Beauty is not sought, but rather a result of the language and utility construction
Group photos