RESSÒ is a strategy of urban, social and energy regeneration, and a teaching tool. We create a meeting place for neighbors to share resources in order to collectivize. This allow them to save energy and money at home by doing activities in this collective space. This enables significant energy savings, and/or offer a comfort space conditions for households in energy poverty. Ideally also reduced mobility because creates a closer place to stay reachable by foot, and even provides a job.

  • RESSÒ is highly flexible and changeable in order to receive the broadest diversity of activities. Thanks to the scaffolding structure, this change can be made in a few hours. The human scale is very present there, everything is modulated 2m, and this allows the change of elements, always in a human dimension. To encourage flexibility, a perimeter ring contains all the permanent elements: structure, walls, facilities and furniture. The rest is 100% variable and reconfigurable.

  • This meeting space is highly energy efficient. This means that it is almost self-sufficient thanks to solar panels, solar collectors, high isolation and passive bioclimatic strategies. We want to increase the use of RESSÒ offering a free comfort space for neighbors, while providing a shelter space with comfort conditions for low income families. Also keep in mind that this space is designed as a collective space, not as a home, where you need a different kind of comfort.

  • According to the principle of a teaching tool idea, all the elements are seen and easily modifiable. They show you how everything works, and encourage self-construction and improvements that users can apply at their own homes. Moreover, it saves money and material by not covering items that can be viewed. There is nothing superfluous, only what is necessary.